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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Worker Overtime Pay

American Workers Stand to Lose Overtime Pay

Charles Fowler launches a campaign of fresh ideas in his bid to succeed retiring Republican Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell. Regarding current measure before the Senate to change the FLSA. Fowler says: "It is wrong to force workers to 50 and 60 hour work weeks or more, without overtime pay." This debate is clouded on both sides of the issue, but it does bring in focus the need for the average American to have representation in the Senate. Fowler is a Progressive Candidate that will fight to protect overtime pay for the American workers.His compassionate views make him the best candidate for the future of Colorado and America.


Don't Just Standby While American Workers Lose Overtime Pay

By Charles Fowler, Candidate for U. S. Senate

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (PRWEB) April 10, 2004--The current debate going on in the United States Senate regarding the possible elimination of overtime pay for workers, is the first step down a slippery slope. It may be politics as usual, with all the partisan bickering and political maneuvering. But it is bad for America and the losers will be the American working people.

Peoples Weekly World says of this effort:

"...will deny overtime pay to any worker with even minimal "supervisory" or "administrative" duties and who earned more than $22,100.00 a year."

"...would harm millions of workers, including firefighters, police, paramedics, nurses, social workers and many others."

Charles Fowler supports Senate Ammendment 1580 which would protect the rights of employees to receive overtime compensation and block Department of Labor proposed regulations on overtime pay. Fowler says: "Big government has messed with the American workers long enough, IF ELECTED I WILL SERVE AS A WATCHDOG FOR WORKERS."

Charles Fowler has launched a campaign of fresh ideas in his bid for the Republican nomination to represent Colorado in the United States Senate. Fowler's message is clear:

"What the people need in Washington is a watchdog for the American worker. It reminds me of the "Capital Hill Blue" motto which says: "Nobody's life, liberty or property is safe while Congress is in session." This humorous though somewhat irreverent motto should serve as a warning to all Americans to keep a close eye not only on Congress, but on our own Department of Labor. In fact, it is time to find out where all candidates and elected officals stand on these important issues."

One of the problems facing the American voter is the simple fact that the United States Senate is largely controlled by millionaires, most of whom cannot relate to the average citizen.

Fowler goes on to say: "It is just like this rancor in the Senate regarding overtime pay protections which concerns millions of workers, both Republicans and Democrats. It is always wrong to take away a benefit that was already given. It is wrong to change the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 in this manner. The Act is outdated, but it should be changed to the maximum benefit of all workers and to the harm of none."

Charles Fowler again: "I am willing to go to Washington in order to fight for the First Amendment freedoms, to fight for workers rights, to cut government waste, to find more money for education and to fight for the real issues facing the working people of this country, both Republican and Democrat."

Charles Fowler is a progressive candidate that will "fight to protect overtime pay for the people of America and stand up for everyone who goes out and works hard every day to provide for their families, pay their bills and pay their fair share of taxes."

Regarding this crucial Senate race Fowler states his reason for running:

"I was just toying with the idea of launching a Senate Campaign until I received a letter from a fellow Republican. I understood the premise of this letter and took no offense. But there was one sentence that bothered me."

"It is no longer ideals and issues that win political races in America, it is name recognition and money."

"Now what is troubling about this most, is that it is true. The fact that candidates are elected without ideals, without vision and without having to take a clear stand on any issue. When I began to really think about that statement is when I was inspired and became determined to follow through with this campaign of fresh ideas and call for a reformation in American politics. It is time in America for Candidates to run on important issues and stand up for the very ideals that make this country the greatest on earth. Yes, I believe in America and I believe in American values. I believe the day will soon come again, when issues will win campaigns in this country."

Charles Fowler is the only Progressive Republican challenger to Conservatives Pete Coors and Bob Schaffer in the Colorado Senate Race.

Fowler for Colorado
P. O. Box 5532
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80931-5532


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