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Sunday, May 23, 2004

National Greed and Arrogance

Christian Thinkers

A National Greed and Arrogance, A Very Unpopular Message
Ellis (with guts)
Jun 10, 2003

A disturbing report was buried at the bottom of the news yesterday. It seems the US is claiming ownership of "near earth space" and intends controlling it completely. They are talking about having a permanent military presence in space by 2013, with armed satellites, military space planes etc.

As a Bible believing Christian who takes Jesus at His Word, this disturbs me. I wish I could say "Maybe it isn't true," BUT I don't doubt it for a minute, because it sounds like something this government of ours would do.

We have a severe sin problem in this country, two sins in particular: greed and arrogance (pride). Pride is what brought down Satan. There is pure greed large in the lives of --- I would say --- MOST Americans, not just a majority, but close to ALL of us here. Of course the capitalistic economic system runs on it, and I find it ironic that in this Christian nation greed is so prevalent and is so strongly practiced here by the Christian conservative "right" politically. These Christians, institutionally (i.e.-- church members, -- whether true Christians or not, I don't know), are what used to be called the "Silent Majority." They now make up a large part of the base of the Republican Party, people who are against raising the minimum wage of the poorest working people, who are for giving the greatest tax breaks to the richest people. These Christians politicallly and economically are at the exact opposite pole of the of the economic system from the first Christian Churches described in the book of Acts. That Christians today take this self-serving greedy position is a mystery to me.

We Christians are supposed to be serving others, humbly taking the lowest place at the table and washing each other's feet, which today might be to wash their car for them. How many of us do things like that for other people? We are too busy trying to get all we can, often by even going into debt to get more faster. This is NOT what God wants of us, NOT how Jesus taught us to live, and NOT what we should be doing. How many of us are NOT living this self-centered, greedy way, where material acquisition dominates our lives? Many have even reached the point that possessions have come before people.

Aside from the plans for future military dominance of space by the U.S., here on earth we think Asians and Arabs should not be allowed by us to obtain nuclear weapons, but it is okay for us to have them! I know full well how unpopular such a statement as this is here in the U.S. where we think we are better than those people and can tell them what they can and can't have. What is really relevant here is HOW THIS MAKES THEM FEEL TOWARD US. How do you think you would feel toward us if you were them? Treating them with respect and allowing them to have as much dignity as we do by not imposing our will upon them may not always work to our advantage, but isn't that what Jesus/God taught us to do? Was He/God wrong?

I prayed about posting these thoughts, and I feel I have God's blessing to do so. So I boldly present these unpopular "servant's heart" ideas for comments.



Blogger Charles Fowler U. S. Senate said...

Brother Ellis,

May God bless you for your "guts" and your honesty. Ellis, trust me when I say that not all Republicans are like that. There are some Republicans who actually are employees and work for others on a regular job. There are actually some Republican leaders who support raising the minimum wage and support helping the working families of our country. Please don't judge all Republicans by what you may have seen.

Thank you for your ministrya and your courage to speak out.


Charles Fowler

7:01 PM


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