Charles Fowler is a biblically qualified Christian candidate for the United States Senate.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Issues and Answers: Fowler FAQ's

The Patriot Act is scheduled to expire in 2005. Should Congress renew it and, if you could amend the law, what part would you change? I support the Patriot Act and it should be renewed. Various facets of the act should be closely looked at and widely debated. I would like to see clear rules that govern detention of citizens and noncitizens suspected of terrorst links and exclude ordinary criminal activities from coverage of the Patriot Act, provided we can determine with certainty that this would not weaken the effectiveness of the Act in combating terrorism.

Should individuals and, in some cases, local governments be able to buy prescription drugs from Canada? What, if any, restrictions do you think the federal government should put on such purchases? Canada has good safeguards in place and this is a practical way to provide more affordable prescriptions for the American consumer.

What are your views on President Bush’s new immigration plan? It is a moral immigration policy that takes into account the concept of the "right to migrate" and the priority of the famiy over the state. It does not threaten our security and over the long haul will benefit our economy.

What are the three biggest issues facing your constituents and what do you see as solutions? Public education is my top priority, especially in the area of school funding. Education is our future. I prefer tax credits over vouchers and would like to see tax credits established for all tuition payments from preschool to Ph.D. Military pay is a major issue, we send our brave soldiers into combat and their families should not struggle financially. Jobs: I have a 7 point job creation plan. Along with workers rights: we need a worker friendly Senator who understands the struggles of working families.

Why are you running for this office? In order to represent the interests and the values of the hard working people of Colorado and not forget the people and their values once I get to Washington. I pledge to hold regular town hall style meetings across the state and form bipartisan policy committees to find solutions and solve any problems we may face in the future.

Do you favor the Allard/Musgrave amendment banning same-sex marriage? but I also believe that the laws are already in place that support traditional marriage. If this amendment passes, it would still be tested in the court system. Either way the legislatures go with this issue, it is still going to wind up in the hands of the Supreme Court. While I do support traditional marriage, it is eventually going to be a decision for the Judicial Branch and not Congress.

Should the tax cuts approved during the Bush administration be made permanent? Over the long haul I believe these tax cuts will prove to be the best thing for our economy.

Do you support the death penalty? We must have in place strong deterents against major crimes against our citizens.

Should Roe vs. Wade be overturned? Row vs Wade was an attempt by the court to write legislation. Their decision was based on the "penumbra" of the Constitution, a mysterious shadow or spirit of the Constitution, which was being created by the decision itself. Supreme Court Justices are not elected and according to Artice 1, Section 1 of the Constitution, should not write laws.

Given what you know today, was the invasion of Iraq justified? Iraq was a playground for Al Qaeda and other terrorists. Saddam and his sons were brutal leaders who posed a threat far beyond the borders of their own country. Also, Mohammed Atta definitely had contacts with Iraqi Intelligence on April 8, 2001 in Prague according to the Czech Foreign Ministry and other intelligence sources.

Should citizens be given the choice to manage their own private Social Security account? not if it means any benefits will be cut. We should do everything we can to strengthen Social Security and see that there is a Medicare prescription drug benefit provided.


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