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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Diane Rose Supporting Jerry Eller for Congress!!!

From: Jerry Eller
Sent: Sunday, May 23, 2004 9:30 PM
Subject: Important Campaign Update!

Dear Friend,

I had an intense few days of campaigning and I am now an official candidate for US Congress. However, for me to appear on the August 10th primary ballot I need to receive 30% or more of the Republican delegates at the Colorado GOP convention on June 4th. This is where I need your help. Please go to the Colorado GOP website and write a quick note of endorsement of Jerry Eller at the "Contact Us" page before June 4th! The website URL is:

It doesn't matter where you live or if you vote or not. The delegates are going to pick the nominee's for the ballot on August 10th. A quick note on how Jerry is trustworthy, responsible, accountable, and devoted to his country, as well as his ambitious goals on water storage and drought relief for the Western US, my intense desire to rid the government of immorality, waste, and intrusion, and finally how I am the most qualified of all the candidates on Veteran's issues, homeland security, and National defense, will ensure my name on the ballot.

Please do not disregard this request as political rhetoric, unimportance, or as you as an individual not being able to make a difference in the political process because this is where my candidacy is going to stop or continue on toward November 2nd. It is imperative you forward this to all your computer contacts as well as friends and family and strangers as well. I am preparing an assertive and passionate speech for the Convention on June 4th and it is my personal goal to be the most inspiring, riveting, and powerful speaker from all the US Congressional and Senatorial Republicans seeking public office. I am hoping to blow the roof off the Pepsi Center!

Please help by writing the Colorado GOP and encouraging them to place Jerry Eller on the ballot and to serve all Americans in Washington DC! Please visit my website to see new updates and new photo's of me appearing on Colorado Radio and TV! The time is now America, if you wait till November 2nd to see who is on the ballot I can guarantee you that your choices will be a lawyer, a career politician, a wealthy elitist or all three in one! Let's get busy and fight the war on terror together instead of letting those who do not know how, fight it for us! God Bless and God Speed! Seeking to serve you, Jerry Eller.

Jerry Eller


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