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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Christian's Vote - 1

The Christian’s Vote – Part One
by Buddy Hanson

And The Winner Is ...

The primary purpose of most voters when they go to vote is to either get their candidate elected, or keep another candidate from getting elected. So, they vote either “for,” or “against” candidates. Since only one in four Christians vote, perhaps their primary purpose is to “grin and bear” whatever the results happen to be.

Do three out of four Christian voters sit out elections because they are apathetic and are not concerned about the downward spiral of our culture? I don’t think so. In fact, I believe the opposite is true: they are smart enough to realize that there is no substantive difference between most candidates. Therefore they conclude it doesn’t make any difference who wins.

Such a conclusion, however, is unbiblical to its core. Why would Christians set out to discredit and dishonor their God? The answer could well be that they don’t do it intentionally, but rather rationally and for pragmatic reasons. Our culture is disintegrating and Christians are not voting because they are not taking the time to step back from the hustle and bustle of daily activities to filter their decision-making through the Biblical principles they profess to believe. Add to this Pastors who are more afraid of the IRS than God, and never preach or teach their congregations how to carry out their civil duties in a Biblical manner, and the result is a religion that only our non-Christian opponents can be proud of. Today’s typical church focuses on Bible study (for nothing more than accumulating spiritual war fuzzies to get someone through difficult times), prayer (with seldom a focus on “living out” their prayer requests), foreign missions (its easier telling someone else how to live, than doing so ourselves) and the end times (while we spend time speculating on what may happen, non-Christians are taking over what is happening in our culture).

What Scripture commands Christians, and their Pastors and teachers, to focus on is how we can demonstrate God’s will through our daily actions and decisions. We are not called to bring about specific results. That’s what God does. He’s in the results business; we’re in the obedience business. While it is true that He graciously and mercifully works through us to “Christianize” the earth, a brief look through Scripture will show that He often does so in some very un-rational and un-pragmatic ways (i.e., the parting of the Jordan River, raining down food from the skies, etc.).

We must remember that we are in our present fallen condition because Eve decided to act autonomously from God’s advice. In approaching the upcoming election with the mindset of “determining the winners” we are merely imitating Eve’s attitude of not depending upon God’s wisdom and counsel.

Our role as Christian voters is simple: vote for the best Biblically qualified candidate, then watch God go to work. If there are no Biblically qualified candidates our task is to approach our Pastor and church officers and encourage them to begin a training program to raise up such candidates in the next election. It must be realized that the Democrats and Republicans don’t offer us “dumb” and “dumber” for no reason. They want to discourage intelligent voters to sit out the elections. They could care less if 25 percent of the population votes. They are only concerned about the power and influence that comes from winning. It is our duty to raise up Christian candidates who can then use their power to influence a return to the Biblical principles upon which our country was founded upon.


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