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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Charles Fowler Working Hard For Jobs and Better Jobs For All Americans

"It's Time to Bring American Jobs Home"

-Charles Fowler-

Charles Fowler Has a 7 Point Plan for Job Creation

While I believe that tax cuts are good for the economy, I am not as committed to them as the other candidates. We should work for lower taxes for all, but be careful not to harm vital programs, such as Education, Social Security and Medicare.

Also, I do not view tax cuts as the cure all. When asked about the economy many of our candidates across the country respond: "The answer is lower taxes." When asked about Job Creation: "Tax cuts are the answer." Reminds me of the elixir salesman in the territory days riding from town to town in a covered wagon and selling an elixir that could cure every ailment.

I believe tax cuts are good for the economy, but certainly not a magic elixir. If we want new and better jobs for Colorado and for all Americans, then we must take the initiative, we must be visionary and creative. This is why I am proposing a bipartisan plan for creating new and better jobs for America.

#1. Investment in Highway and Transportation Infrastructure:

U. S. Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) is Chairman of the Transportation Committee and this is what he has to say:

"Traffic congestion costs the United States more than $67 billion annually - more than 3.6 billion hours in delays and 5.7 billion gallons of excess fuel wasted in traffic jams. Senate Bill 1072 alone, would create more than 1.3 million new jobs throughout all 50 states over the next six-year authorization."

U. S. Rep. James Oberstar (D-MN), also of the Transportation Committee says:

"Investment in highway and transit infrastructure will help create millions of badly needed, family - wage jobs and generate billions of dollars in economic activity. For each $1 billion of Federal funds invested in infrastructure we see approximately 47,500 jobs and $6.1 billion in economic activity."

#2. Invest in a New Jobs Tax Credit to Jumpstart the Economy and Bring Back American Jobs From Overseas

Now this is along the lines of a John Kerry proposal, but listen, when a Democrat can come up with a good idea, give him credit for it. After all, a good idea is a good idea.

It is time to stop the corporate abuse of loopholes in our tax system and make it advantageous for corporations to keep jobs in America and bring back American jobs from overseas. In other words, put an end to overseas tax havens for American corporations.

Small businesses that create new jobs should get a tax break and some assistance in establishing employee benefits, such as retirement and health insurance.

#3. Invest in a New Job Creation Tax Credit

This idea is based on a Tom Daschle proposal to provide a tax credit for each additional full-time employee that a business hires. This would be based on a simple formula that allows a business $5,000 tax credit each year for each additional employee added to the payroll.

I would also allow both small and medium sized businesses up to $150,000 in investments as an additional incentive for businesses to hire new workers.

#4. Invest in Better Health Care Coverage for Small Businesses and Farmers

When workers cannot pay for their health care, the economy suffers and health care costs rise. I propose to help small businesses band together to buy cheaper and better insurance under Association Health Plans.

#5. Invest in Bio-fuels and Other New Technologies

A great example of a new technology that we should be investing in is Bio-fuel. We should create tax incentives for the use of clean burning bio-diesel as a fuel. This is something that would boost farming and help the environment.

#6. Extend Unemployment Benefits to Workers

Again, when workers are unemployed and cannot pay their bills, not only do they lose their homes and their financial future, the economy also takes a hit. By extending this safety net for all Americans we can also protect our economy.

#7. Save the Family Farm by Fighting to Make the Estate Tax Repeal Permanent

Family farms and businesses were threatened for years when surviving family members were forced to sell inherited property. That is wrong! The estate tax punishes family farms and businesses that took generations to build. The estate tax repeal will end in 2011. I will fight in the Senate to make the estate tax repeal permanent and ensure economic fairness for all American families.


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