Charles Fowler is a biblically qualified Christian candidate for the United States Senate.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Charles Fowler Wants to Revitalize Rural Communities

Revitalizing Rural Communities

Born in rural America, Charles Fowler was raised with a cotton field, an alfalfa field and farm animals all around.

"By the time I was six, my cousin Mike and I were riding horses."

Charles Fowler believes in rural America and wants to support our farmers and ranchers.

Charles Fowler believes in rural Education and wants to see Federal Funding help our strugglng rural schools.

He offers a plan to revitalize and strengthen the rural

"It is time to encourage investment in Rural America."

"It is now past time that we should be investing in bio-fuels such as bio-diesel and other alternative sources of energy. This will be a boost to our rural economy and help our farmers and our environment."

"It is time to use the power of technology to boost rural economies."

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